Who We Are


Background History as CPA: I am a CPA from India immigrated to the United States of America in 1971. After two years of college, two years of internship in Kopelan, Gold, Co, CPA’s for 2 years in New York City, and the CPA examinations I received my CPA from NYS.Started my Cpa practice in 1977.

My practice took me to 17 States throughout America. During the years of 1965 to 1973, 68,000 Doctors were taken into USA to fill the dire shortage in medical services in Mid-Western States. All new doctors who come to USA have to go through Internship and Residency program in University medical centers to get their reciprocity. New York is the Mecca for Hospitals. More than 50% join hospitals in New York for their re-certification in USA. During their residency I prepared their tax returns. When they moved on after few years, I will get a cold call from places like Kingman, AZ, Muncie, IN, Memphis, TN Midland, TX A doctor whose tax returns I prepared in New York is now a resident of one of these states. Wants me to come help him with taxes. This included year round work for his/her professional corporation. This is how my Cpa practice evolved. I am traveling to 17 States for over 41 years. I am 74 now.

The Religious Connection: In 1973 during the marriage ceremony of my brother in law, I got acquainted with the “First American Citizen Priest of Indian Origin Mr. Ram Patwardhan, 12 perry St, New York NY. He retired from Consulate of India, then at age 65 traveld to Pandharpur,India learnt from Priests how to perform all the Religious rites for one year, to offer these services free to new immigrants from India into USA. He felt the need to do this to keep the Hindu culture among new Immigrants from India.

1-I formed the Arya Hindu Samaj, Inc (a 501(c)(3) exempt charity) at his request. The following 15 odd years he traveled everywhere from New York to California, Michigan to Texas, providing religious services in Baptisms, Marriages, Cremations, Worship to idols, starting new Hindu temples,etc.

2-With his introduction I founded a charity for Opthalmic Surgeons of Tallahassee,FL (Drs. Schwartz & Swaminathan) , obtained 1000 free lences from Bosch & Lomb and free suitchers from Technicon Corporation. They performed FREE Cateract surgeries in India's rural provinces helping farmers to have good sight. They continued for over 20 years, up until recently when Dr Swaminathan died.

Other charities that I helped to form, or assisted all these 35 years to keep their books and submit Form- 990’s timely. Attached is a comprehensive list of charities we help submit tax forms annually.

Need for the “Foundation for Small Charities India”: After the world trade center bombing on September 11, 2001 under the auspices of United Nations all countries adopted very stringent regulation for “Foreign Charitable Contributions”. In India a locally tax exempt Charity with 80-G certification, entitles the Citizens in India to receive a tax deduction for charity. However, American Citizens of Indian Origin cannot give to any charities in India, unless such charity in India has received a special permission from the federal Government under FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulation Act) in addition to the local tax exempt status of “80-G Certification” given by the Internal revenue Service in India. The cost of obtaining the FCRA costs as much as $ 300,000 ( tantamount to Rs 300,000 in India). It is simply prohibitive.

Large Established Charities ONLY can afford to apply with huge expenditure for FCRA License and Permit to receive Foreign Charitable Contributions. If I wish to offer free furniture to the Primary School I attended in my home town of Pune, India I cannot do it! If my wife wants to pay for the college tuition of some needy girls from her home town, she cannot do it.

“Foundation for Small Charities India” will facilitate these endeavors.

Over 2,000,000 Professionals of all stripes have immigrated into USA since 1965. Many of them from my generation are ageing persons looking back into their past, tracing their roots and wanting to do some good in the name of their beloved Parents, who gave them the Educational empowerment to immigrate to USA and then succeed in some good measure during their working life.

America is the World's Oldest Democracy of 325 Million people for over 244 years. India is the World's Largest Democracy with over 1,325 Million People and 70 Years of Peace and Prosperity, validating the Economic Theory espoused by Prof. Thomas Robert Malthus in 1798. India participates and shares research data gathered from landing the first Mars probe.

America and India , both Countries, share a natural affinity, common Purpose and Destiny. They both are colonies of United Kingdom, which later found freedom.

I urge you respectfully to approve this petition for a 501(C)( 3) Status, to help endless small charities in India with the contributions from First Generation American Citizens of Asian Indian Origin across this Nation.