Our Founder – Ramesh Sarva CPA

Ramesh Sarva is a CPA in practice for 40+ years in New York NY. Worked and helped pro bono numerous charitable organizations including Maharashtra Foundation for over 30 Years. After the 2001 World Trade Center episode, under the auspices of United Nations member Countries raised barricades for sending charity to any Organization (NGO) from overseas.

We found the great need in facilitating people who want to do good in their home town, where they came from! Foundation for Small Charities India, Inc was incorporated in New York with the sole purpose of facilitating Charitable giving’s by Indians living in USA.

Having a back office in Pune, India is a great advantage in offering quick execution of orders by donors to their benefactors in India. We opened an account with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, where the funds can be wired by donors electronically. Likewise, “Foundation for Small Charities” an affiliate in India was set up at Pune, India, which received the required ‘Tax exempt’ status in India with 80-G Certification from Income Tax and FCRA from Central Govt. in New Delhi, India.

Bank Details

Bank Name – IDBI BANK
Account No. – 0641104000128605
IFSC – IBKL000064

Our Previous work

The Social Connection

In 1973 during the marriage ceremony in the family, I got acquainted with the “First American Citizen Priest of Indian Origin Mr. Ram Patwardhan, 12 Perry St, New York NY. He retired from Consulate of India, then at age 65 traveled to Pandharpur, India learned from Priests how to perform all the religious rites for one year, to offer these services free to new immigrants from India into the USA. He felt the need to do this to keep the Hindu culture among new Immigrants from India.

Our Past Experiences Impacting Today

I formed the Arya Hindu Samaj, Inc (a 501(c)(3) exempt charity) at his request. The following 15 odd years he traveled everywhere from New York to California, Michigan to Texas, providing religious services in Baptisms, Marriages, Cremations, Worship to idols, starting new Hindu temples, etc.

Our Inspiration for Charity

With Mr Patwardhan’s introduction I founded a charity for Ophthalmic Surgeons of the Naval base at Jacksonville, FL (Drs. Bateman & Shantinath, of US Navy), obtained 1000 free lenses from Bosch & Lomb and free sutures from Technicon Corporation. They performed FREE Cataracts surgery in India’s rural provinces helping farmers to have good sight. They continued for over 20 years, up until recently.

Comprehensive list of Charities

Other charities that we helped to form, obtain tax exempt status, and assisted all these 45 years to keep their books and submit Tax Form-990 timely to IRS and keep them compliant, as our own social contribution and commitment. To name a few such Tax Exempt Charities:

  • Maharshtra Mandal NY (1970)
  • Brihan Maharashtra Mandal of North America (BMM) (1981)
  • Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America (1987)
  • Maharashtra Foundation (1999)
  • Arya Dharma Samaj (2004)
  • Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism (FACT) (2004)
  • Theatrix (2005)
  • Foundation for Medical Education & Research (2006)
  • Parikrama USA (2007)
  • Brooklyn Allergy Society (2009)
  • Bala Vijayam (2011)
  • Dharma Civilization Foundation (2012)
  • Aditya Pratishthan (2017)
  • Marathi Vishwa NJ (2018)
  • Nebraska Maharashtra Mandal NE (2019)
  • Foundation for Lung Transplant Research & Education (2019)

Contact Us

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