Objectives of the Foundation

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Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) providing help in India require an 80-G & FCRA License from Income Tax Department and Central Govt. It costs over Rs 300,000 for any institution to obtain these licenses.  Small NGO’s from your home town or region cannot even think of seeking financial help.


After 911 World Trade Centre debacle most countries had to set up barricades to prevent foreign donations supporting criminal activities. Govt of India has the 80G & FCRA certifications, before any NGO or entity can receive and accept contributions from “Foreigners”. The NRI & NRO’s come under Foreigners category.


This prompted me to start this “Foundation for Small Charities India, Inc” which is a Country specific charity.

This is a a “Platform” for you, to give freely.

“Foundation for Small Charites” in Pune

This is a a “Platform” for you, to give freely. You can mail a check, wire funds, to JP Morgan Chase Bank and declare the purpose and full detail of beneficiary together with their address, bank particulars. We deliver.

We created the “Foundation for Small Charites” in Pune, India. We received the 80G and FCRA Licenses. If you have savings or funds from inheritance in India, you can donate to this registered charity and get a tax exemption in USA, so long as you declared these bank accounts in India on your tax return in USA by including the Form 8938.


  1. Mail us your check
  2. Give us your instructions to remit;
  3. your payment is tax deductible in USA,
  4. Your recipient in India need not have tax exempt status;
  5. You can give it in memory of your parents, or any good cause;
  6. No religious contributions, please;


I am a US resident since 1971, practicing as a CPA in New York, NY for over 42 years. My work took me to 17 States in USA. I serve mostly physicians who immigrated in large numbers (68,000 strong during 1965-73). The clients are ageing like me 75. Often, clients ask how to give some money to any school or college in their home town, legally. They want to give large donation in the name of their parents. Those who tried had to go through some charity, they keep over 10% of your gift for administration. It is almost prohibitive to give small donations to your school or college for books or simple classroom furniture.  I helped funding a New High School in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan with tax exempt contribution in New York.

I provided free accounting service for more than 10  charitable organizations over the years, by preparing and filing their tax returns with Internal Revenue Service and keeping them compliant.

Ramesh Sarva CPA